Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tales of the Classroom, Part 1

My class is divided into 4 periods, and the 3rd period is reading. First we read about food - how etiquette differs between Korea and Japan, about certain typical Korean foods, and how to make a traditional Korean noodle dish. On Tuesday we started reading different cards sent on various occasions. Today's card was an example of a birthday card a man sent to his wife. Roughly (very roughly - it is late and I'm tired) translated:

To my beloved wife,

You are the person most precious in my life,
when anything good happens you are the person I want to share it with,
when I am lonely or troubled you are the person who gives me strength,
and I am sincerely wishing you a happy birthday.

넉넉하지 않은 생활 속에서도 늘 미소를 잃지 않고 (sorry, having trouble translating that line)
you think of me and the children first - thank you very much.
Ten years have gone by since we got married but I still look at you and find you very beautiful.
I love you forever.

Your husband

Phew. So we finish reading and the teacher says "Wow. What a card! Wouldn't you like to marry a man who writes a card like that? The man who wrote this card is most likely not Korean."

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