Thursday, October 22, 2009

The day in pictures...


It's always exciting to see somebody you know in the subway station. Especially if they're across the platform. Even if you walked to the station together...

I managed to find a cup of decaf. It was all fancy-schmancy from Peru and single-cup-hand-brewed or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I suppose that explains the $3 price tag. But then again, that's how much a cup of Philz costs. Although Philz lets you put cream and sugar in your coffee.
While I was at the cafe, these two girls sat next to me and then asked my opinion on a T-shirt design they wanted to produce. We started talking and one girl said "I'm so glad to meet you! Let's have dinner some time." Yup! I met a real Korean person! We exchanged numbers! It was very exciting.

I'm going hiking this weekend about 5 hours north of Seoul to see the pretty fall colors. The timing couldn't be more terrible, seeing as I have 3 days of tests next week, have been (so far successfully) fighting off the cold that everybody and their mother has caught, and could really catch up on some sleep. But I'm excited to go. Almost as excited as when I found this:

This will be perfect since I have to bring my own food. I can't imagine anything better than enjoying a nice slice of mozzarella chicken-flavored Spam after 12 hours of climbing up a mountain. It's finding things like this that make me really sad my brother isn't here.

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