Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photographic evidence...

That I'm eating something other than ramen:

See mom?? Tonight I had 떡만두국. Grandma had 순두부찌개, which smelled really good, and was exactly what I wanted, but thanks to my mom's tendency to still think of me as a 12-year old and go around telling people I can't eat spicy food, my grandma wouldn't let me get it. Her exact words were "you can't eat that!!" Sigh.

Um, yeah.

Americano and REAL apple pie. I know it sounds silly to get worked up over something like this, but it's always exciting to find some sort of pastry item that hasn't been adapted to suit Korean tastes - nothing buttery or too sweet. This pie had a really yummy crust (pretty hard to find in a land that thinks castella is delicious) and came with ice cream.

Speaking of pie, how much of a cutie pie is my cousin's daughter??

Her father and uncle are pretty silly, however.

More cuteness: some of my classmates and my grammar teacher before Yonsei's writing contest. You had to write either a poem or an essay - I chose to write a poem, because I figured that you could get away with terrible diction and horrible grammar. Although now that I think about it, it is possible that Korean poetry needs to be written in a certain style and whoever read my poem died laughing.

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