Thursday, October 8, 2009

My 할머니 (grandma) is cute #3

Today I visited my grandma and she wanted to have dinner at Home Plus. She also needed a few groceries which turned out to be quite heavy - a big bottle of water, and two bottles of yogurt ("너 mommy먹는 요구르트!!" to be exact) among other things - so I insisted on carrying the bag home. This was difficult, not because it was so heavy, but because my grandma kept trying to grab one of the bag handles so that we could carry it together. I won out in the end (if only I had displayed such conviction while we were making our dinner choices) so my grandma insisted I rest a little and watch TV before I took the subway back to school, since I must be exhausted from all the effort.

SBS was covering the "red carpet" at the Pusan Film Festival, so we watched that for a bit. All the actresses were wearing beautiful dresses, some of which were quite revealing. I don't think the lack of coverage bothered my grandma so much as how everything was, um, being kept in place.

*Woman wearing a low cut backless dress walks down the carpet*
Grandma: She's not wearing a bra, IS SHE????

*Woman wearing a strapless dress walks down the carpet*
Grandma: Seriously, WHERE does your bra GO when you're wearing a dress like that???

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