Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My 할머니 (grandma) is cute #2

Ring ring...

Me: Hi grandma!
Grandma: Are you sleeping?
Me: No, I'm doing homework...
Grandma: So you're going to Dr. Lee's (a family friend/cousin) clinic tomorrow?
Me: Yes...
Grandma: It's fortunate that you only have to ride one bus to get there. You don't have to transfer, right?
Me: No, I don't have to transfer...
Grandma: I want to see what the place looks like so when I wake up tomorrow I'll see how I feel and if I feel okay I'll meet you there!
Me: But grandma, it's so far!
Grandma: I know, but I feel better if I go with you and see what it is like.
Me: Grandma, inconvenient for you...mom appointment already...bus easy...Yes, I sound like a caveman. My speaking abilities do not yet permit me to form a real sentence out of what I wanted to say...
Grandma: Well, we'll see. By the way, it doesn't cost very much money to use the cell phone, so USE THE DAMN PHONE AND CALL ME! I don't know why you're so scared to use the phone. Okay, so that section in caps was editorialized a bit. She actually just said "use the phone!" but the underlying message was pretty clear.
Me: Okay, I will.

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