Friday, September 25, 2009

Smart food courts

One of the nice things about department stores here is that you can get a pretty good meal for $5 or less at the food court that is generally found on one of the underground floors. There are a whole bunch of counters that have different kinds of food - chinese, japanese, and korean, and in some of the fancier places, italian and vietnamese. You first make your selection and pay at the main register, where you're assigned a number. Once your food is ready your number flashes on a screen and you go pick up your food. This is pretty much the easiest and cheapest way to eat when you are out and about with your family, since you can all sit together but cater to everybody's different tastes.

During busy times, finding a seat can be pretty hairy, and it can get kinda stressful walking around with a big bowl of noodles while hovering over people who look like they're about to leave. Yesterday I had lunch at the Hyundai Department Store, and it was amazing because not only was the food good (see miso ramen below) but they assign you a table! No stress or wandering around. And they try to seat you near the counter where you have to pick up your food so there is minimal walking around with sloshing hot liquids. If my mom were here she would say "koreans are so smart!"

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