Monday, September 21, 2009


I just took the entrance exam for my Korean class and boy, am I tired. That sucker was 12 pages long. Or maybe even longer, I didn't even bother trying answer any questions on the last few pages, my head hurt so much. So here are a few more pictures:

As a starchmouse, of course I have to comment on the bread, which is...interesting, and nuts expensive. It also comes without the ends. I guess that makes sense, most people don't like eating that part anyways, but it makes me wonder, what do they do with all the ends? I wouldn't be surprised if they figured out a way to bake the bread so that there aren't any.

I don't think I could get on board with the concept of "couple shirts" - we're not talking about matching or color-coordination here, we're talking about wearing the same article of clothing...

One thing that is very sad about my grandmother living in a new apartment is that they won't deliver food there. Usually you can get a bowl of delicious jja-jjang myun (noodles with black bean sauce) delivered to you for around $4, and it even comes in a real bowl. When you're done, just leave the dirty dishes outside your door and somebody will come by later to get them. My mom and I had to resort to getting our jja-jjang myun fix at Lotte World.

After the test a fellow student and I walked to the Sinchon neighborhood in search of lunch. We settled on chicken soup, or 삼계탕, because it was such a dreary, rainy day. A teeny tiny chicken is stuffed with sweet rice and cooked in a ginseng and date broth until the meat falls off the bone. Good stuff if you happen to have a cold. I'm pretty sure it wards off swine flu as well.

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