Thursday, November 19, 2009

Street Food #4

Until a few days ago my favorite street snack was 호떡, or basically a ball of dough that is filled with a cinnamon-sugar-chopped-nut mixture and essentially "deep-fried" on a griddle. It gets squashed flat during the cooking process and the sugar melts and the whole thing is pretty amazing. Lately I've seen green tea and vegetable versions, but right outside of Yonsei's main gate is a man selling 공기 호떡, or "air" 호떡, for 60 cents:

It's, er, healthy, since it's not cooked in oil. It puffs up and gets a little crunchy, and is lined with melted cinnamon sugar:

I walked all the way down to the main gate two days in a row to eat these and I'm pretty sure I would have gone today had I not been persuaded to get ice cream fondue. That's right, ice cream fondue. But that deserves its own post.

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