Monday, November 16, 2009

Street Food #2

I ate a lot of these growing up - every time we went to Japantown we would get taiyaki. Here they're called 붕어빵. Traditionally, they have a sweet red bean paste filling, but during an outing with my cousins last week, we found a stand selling some with different flavors and decided to try each one. Although the ones in San Francisco are delicious, they're made with pancake batter so they can get a little soggy if they've been sitting out or you don't eat them right when they come out of the molds. The ones here are made with sweet rice flour in the batter so they stay nice and crunchy. They also have chili cheese, sweet potato, and custard fillings in addition to red bean paste. And they're only 1000 won (87 cents) for three...I'm pretty sure the ones in SF have gone up to $2 or $2.50 each by now.
I had such a craving for these over the weekend but the below-zero weather prevented me from making the trek to go get them. I'll probably cave by tomorrow, even though the walk over there will make my face freeze off...

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