Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Street Food #3

So I didn't get this from a street vendor, but the versions I've seen from street vendors look more delicious (because it's pretty much a fried sandwich...)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. This is "toast" which as far as I can tell, means "white bread fried on a griddle covered in oil/shortening and maybe has some sort of filling in it." Since I don't have a kitchen, I am unable to fulfill my (nearly constant) need for a grilled cheese sandwich. I figured that an "egg cheese toast" would get the job done:
Surprise! Totally not what I was expecting. This was two pieces of toast with a fried egg, kraft single, lettuce, sweet mustard sauce, and jalapeno relish inside. I like lettuce as much as the next person but it has no business mucking up a proper grilled cheese. The jalapeno relish was good though.
I suppose I'll have to try "toast" from a real street vendor before I write it off completely...

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