Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taipei - Last day

My last day was pretty short, seeing as I had an early afternoon flight back to Seoul. After checking out, I went to the train station hoping to find soy milk for breakfast.

No such luck. But I did find a MOS Burger. Unfortunately, only breakfast sandwiches were available:

I decided to splurge an extra $2 and take the high-speed train to the airport:

Bye Taipei! It was awesome!

I loved this trip for so many different reasons. It was nice to take a break from Seoul - not that I'm getting tired of Seoul, but I had just finished another semester of school and hadn't really had time to sightsee IN Seoul. I love seeing new places, but also, going away and coming back made Seoul start to feel more like a home than a temporary transit place.

When I told people I was going by myself, particularly Korean people, they were surprised. I still have to get used to the fact that things that seem normal to me (not living with my parents after college even though San Francisco is only 30 miles away, going on an overnight hiking trip with a bunch of strangers, carrying my own damn purse) might be hard for people here to picture. I think what is most hard for people to understand is that I don't mind traveling alone, in fact, I like it. Hell, this whole blog started because I decided it would be fun to drive to Denver by myself. And I managed to not only survive that trip (lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!) but the time I spent alone (I spent a super-fun week with Liv in Denver followed by an amazing few days with my parents roaming around Yellowstone) was truly memorable. There's nothing like a solo trip to give you time to get lost in your thoughts while at the same time forcing yourself to open your eyes and absorb everything that's going around you because you only have your own observations to rely on. Trips like that make coming back home to wherever "home" might be at that moment seem like a fresh start.

And really, even when you're by yourself, you're never really alone.

So when I saw amazing things and ate delicious things while in Taipei, I never felt regret at the fact that I was doing it by myself. Mostly, I felt excited at the prospect of one day coming with my family and sharing with them everything I was so happy to experience during my short visit.

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