Friday, August 21, 2009

Grand Teton National Park

On Saturday morning I bid Liv a nearly-tearful goodbye and left to pick my parents up from the airport. We had a full day of driving ahead of us, not helped by the fact that I missed the exit I was supposed to take, but since I was on a toll road I couldn't just turn around. After an unintentionally long lunch in Laramie, Wyoming, we headed north to try to make it to Moran at a decent hour. This goal was hindered by the SNOW that started to fall.

I thought that it would just be a few small flakes falling, because of the elevation, but it started to come down pretty thickly. It also happened on a stretch of road that was under construction, so muddy, gravelly, and one-way. This section of the road trip was all about impeccable timing. There were trucks escorting lines of cars at a pace of 15 mph or so - we happened to catch the tail end of one of these lines, and based on the length of road we drove, it is quite possible that we could have been waiting for up to an hour for our turn.

After we woke up the snow was still everywhere.

Driving up to the Signal Mt summit we saw a little bear.

After enjoying the views from the summit, we drove down to Jenny Lake, where my parents clearly liked what they saw:

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