Sunday, August 16, 2009

Izakaya Den

I have a lot of catching up to do! But I drove 500 miles today, some of it in the SNOW, and I'm quite tired. So for now, I'll just post the pictures of the lovely celebratory dinner Liv (rocket scientist promotion, whee!) and I had at Izakaya Den:

Pink blossom martini. I'll try anything with St. Germain in it. Perhaps I should not have been so optimistic about the amount of alcohol I could drink, however...after a few sips of this, I completely forgot to take a picture of our lemongrass vichyssoise.

Salmon collar. Fatty. Delicious.

Bacon-wrapped monkfish. Oh. My. God. Our favorite dish of the night. The beans were out-of-control smoky and delicious.

Sake. Poor Liv had to do the heavy lifting here, or else she would have had to piggy-back me home. This new introduction to our meal explains why the next two pictures were not taken *before* we dug in.

Kobe beef medallions. With a yummy wild mushroom arugula salad underneath.

Hoisin duck tostadas. On a bed of forbidden rice, covered with crunchy strips of iberico cheese. Whoa.

So clearly, we hated this meal. :)

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