Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So here are some orphan photos, along with a very quick recap of my (very quick) time in Denver.

I arrived on Friday to a smiling Liv and a shiny clean house. After a quick stroll around the neighborhood, we treated ourselves to massages. Back home for a nutritious dinner.

Poor Liv had to work on Saturday. I enjoyed sleeping in, found myself a yoga studio for the week, and then went grocery shopping for a casual dinner. Liv's co-worker brought over her adorable new baby - I restrained myself from sniffing a stranger's child's head. Go me!.

Sunday was epic:

I went rafting for the first time ever!

Here we are smiling before the trip. Clearly, we haven't had our "safety" lecture yet, where they pretty much told us we were going to DIE. I'm actually pretty impressed with myself that I even got into the raft after they mentioned the rattlesnakes.

I think I went to the grocery store for some reason or other almost every day, until I saw this guy. Yikes.

On Monday night I introduced Liv to H Mart. We marinated kalbi, then on Tuesday I made korean bbq dinner. We invited her awesome neighbor over, and he repaid me tenfold by feeding me banh mi and watermelon cream soda, letting me bottle whiskey, and then cooking us dinner on Friday. With all the korean bbq leftovers, I made these spring rolls.

It's very hard to say no to this face.

I got my hair chopped off:

The aforementioned whiskey bottling process, and dinner:

This is harder than it looks. Actually not, but if you're clumsy like me, you'll end up with a rockstar scar on your forearm.

Besides all this, Liv and I managed to watch two movies, go shopping, treat ourselves to an amazing celebratory dinner, make cookie dough, and catch up on all manner of important life discussions.

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