Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yonsei on Fire

Walking home from lunch (maybe around 2:45-ish?) we saw a whole bunch of people and perhaps 서대문구's entire fire-fighting unit crowded around a building near Yonsei's main gate:

By the smell of it, something chemical-ish was burning. Also, this poor man was hanging out the window:

When we first saw him he was so still we wondered if he had passed out. Luckily he was just trying to avoid inhaling too much smoke. He was rescued shortly:

According to YTN (the first time I could read a news article in Korean without wanting to pull my hair out, whee!) the fire started in a semiconductor lab at around 8:30 am. I sincerely hope that poor man wasn't hanging out the window for 6 hours...
The damage looks quite bad, but seeing as this is Korea, I wouldn't be surprised if the lab is up and running by Friday.

It was merely two weeks ago that Seoul had a "heat wave" and I was running at the track wearing short sleeves in 65 degree weather. This morning I walked outside and saw this:

The campus was beautiful today:

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