Thursday, March 11, 2010


So tonight for dinner I made this:

It's supposed to be 김치전, a korean kimchi pancake, but since korean baking powder seems to be especially hyperactive, it looked more like an american pancake with kimchi inside. It was very easy to make:

That's flour, milk, agave nectar, kimchi, kimchi juice, an egg, water, and some baking powder. Here you can buy a flour mix specifically designed for making these kinds of things but I already had the regular flour.
You should always make a "nibble" pancake to see if your batter is properly seasoned. Also because your first pancake usually turns out funny-looking. I learned that from Liv:

The real reason this was my dinner is because I'm trying to use up the kimchi my aunt gave me:

I swear, after two months I barely made a dent in this thing. Plus I had to stop my aunt from giving me more. She was convinced I would run out in a week. I didn't have the heart to tell her she gave me more kimchi than I usually eat in a year.

Also, last weekend I made real pancakes, and I've had pancake-brain ever since. (Yes, that's a real ailment. Look it up.)

Apparently if you live in a country that considers December a summer month you would call these "pikelets"...
효천 brought tapioca balls and milk tea mix from Taiwan and made us bubble tea. After eating we spent the afternoon discussing politics and the economy:

Yup, serious topics. In no way did we engage in any behavior that might be illegal if performed out in public or talk about subjects unsuitable for children under 16.

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