Wednesday, March 24, 2010

요리 자랑

Thanks to finals and just life kicking me in the 엉덩이 I've been shamefully neglecting this blog. Not that it really affects anybody since my only readers are my parents and they know I'm still alive. But the other day my mother mentioned she actually ENJOYS reading this so now I'll make an effort to keep up. more school, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks!

Oh boy, could I write a novel about my last teacher. I've put off looking up my final grade because in order to do so, you have to fill out an evaluation. Knowing this process might take me a couple hours, I've been procrastinating.

Anyways, I'm trying to clean out my fridge. Also, economize. Here's what I made for dinner:

Mmm, 바지락 된장 찌개. How can I afford clams?? Well, thanks to Michael, I now know of a delightful store called Market 999. And a nice bag of fresh clams is only 990 won. I think a real Korean would knock off points for the fact that there is no onion or zucchini in here, but all I really need are some mushrooms, tofu, and hot peppers. I may even like it better than (gasp!) my Spam version.

The other day I went to the market and saw this:

Besides selling vegetables and jogging pants, there are rows and rows of people selling tasty things to eat. Here the woman is making huge mung bean pancakes. Behind her is a stone grinder used to grind the mung beans. The smell was just too tempting so I had to buy one to take home. $3.50 gets you a pancake bigger than your head and a little bag of onion-vinegar-soy dipping sauce. I'm not sure how I managed to restrain myself the entire subway ride. I felt sorry for my fellow passengers every time the lovely fried-pancake aroma wafted out of my bag.
I could barely finish half:

It was pretty good, but my Minnesota grandma's mung bean pancakes are still the best.

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  1. i read it too...glad to see you back with more posts. How much longer will you be there?