Friday, April 2, 2010

Taipei - Day 1

So I just got back from my quick trip to Taipei. My tourist visa was about to run out so the easiest thing to do is take a quick 해외여행, come back to Korea, and get another 90 days stamped on my passport. Plus my friend 효천 is from Taiwan, I've never been, and I heard there were lots of good things to eat. Really, the decision was quite simple...

The flight from Seoul is only two and a half hours, so I automatically assumed we wouldn't be fed. Seeing as I'm becoming more and more Korean by the minute, I made myself some 김밥 for the plane using all my leftovers:
But it turns out Thai Airways likes to feed their passengers! Other airlines should take note.
Once I landed, I was alarmed to see the weather:Yikes. A lot warmer than Seoul.
$3 takes you from the airport to the Taipei Main Station in little under an hour. BART should take note. Then I transferred to the MRT to get to my hotel in Ximending, the 명동 of Taipei. The tokens are cute:
Some sights along the way:The Red House
A tiny temple (Tianhou Temple) in the middle of a busy commercial street.
Once checking in, I decided to walk to the nearby Longshan Temple:

Afterwards I wandered to a nearby night market and experienced dessert heaven. More pictures from my day here.

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